Crude Humor Studios was unofficially started back in 2007 when co-founder Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr started a podcast called Happy Hour with Steel Tip. He went on to revamp the show to simply Happy Hour and form The hhwst.net Radio Network.

In 2010, Michael DeAngelo, a former co-host to Happy Hour and frequent guest on various shows offered by the network, joined Kevin to officially form Crude Humor Studios. Their mission is simple: providing you with FREE FUNNY! Their first and foremost goal is to bring you fresh, original content in the form of podcasts and videos. Articles and funny pictures will also be featured and their ultimate goal is to become your non-stop shop for internet comedy.

Whether they scour the internet for the funniest of the funny (eliminating your need to do so) or create their own funny; they are looking towards the future. And the future of entertainment lies right here on the internet. Television, radio, and movies in the traditional sense, although will likely never cease to exist, are on their way out. Kevin and Michael joined together to help pave the path of the future of entertainment with their unique perception of comedy.