Crude Humor Studios

Crude Humor Studios was founded by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr (you can just call him Kev) and Michael DeAngelo (keep it to Mike) in 2010. Their mission is simple: providing you with FREE ENTERTAINMENT! Whether it is in the form of podcasts, video, written, or any other medium we can present to you, our goal with the content we create and/or find on the Internet is to ensure it’s entertaining and/or moving.

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Nerdy Kev

Prior to co-creating Crude Humor Studios with Mike, Kev created The hhwst.net Radio Network; which started with a show that the network was named after, Happy Hour with Steel Tip. The story of that podcast goes back to a time even before the creation of that show, when he was a teenager.

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Mike has always had a hand in the projects Kev would create (and when applicable, Kev helps Mike with his projects), so it just made sense for the two to combine their efforts into a single company. Parts of Mike’s story start where Kev’s does, and it continued (and continues) to weave on and off the same path to his own path, with several intersecting points.

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